Big Trouble In Little China ****


Talk about a guilty pleasure. “Big Trouble In Little China” has the makings of a disaster. The plot is absurd, the action is over the top and the screenplay mixes all kinds of genres. Amazingly it is a cult classic due to amazing direction from John Carpenter and terrific performances from the cast, especially Kurt Russell.

The plot is almost indescribable. Think of an Indiana Jones style adventure that takes place in the sewers and brothels of San Francisco. Kurt Russell plays Jack Burton, a truck driver who finds himself battling sorcerers and demons in the aid of his friend Wang. They are trying to rescue Wang’s girlfriend who is going to be used to help break an ancient curse.

Together Wang and Jack must fight their way through ninjas, warriors, monsters and black magic. Russell plays his role as a sarcastic everyman who never quite grasps what is happening.

Carpenter directs the hell out of this movie. He also scores it with his usual pulsating sounds that become a character all on their own. I could go on and on. This is one of my favourite movies and it puzzles me as to why it was such a flop back in 1986.

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