Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning *


“Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning” promised to take the series in to fresh territory. Instead they did just the opposite. They took what didn’t work in the last couple of films and made it even worse. Characters make stupidly wrong decisions simply so they can be served up to a killer who wishes to murder them in some seriously gross ways.

The plot this time follows Tommy Jarvis from the previous film, now grown in to an adult, as he is sent to a halfway house after being in a mental institution for years. This halfway house is basically filled with horny teenagers who just want to party and get laid, preferable alone so they are easier to isolate and kill.

What a group of thinkers these kids are in this movie. Not only do they make confusingly wrong decisions but they act the opposite of what any person with a shred common sense would act. If a serial killer was in the house would you continue to scream all the way to your supposed hiding place? If he was chasing you and you fell over would you not just get up and run? I doubt you would crawl away and refuse to get up on to your feet.

As with any “Friday The 13th” the killer is a maniac in a hockey mask. This time it is not Jason Voorhees doing the killing. The culprit is using his persona to get vengeance for reasons I will leave for you to discover. Anyone with a second grade education should be able to figure out who the killer is very early on.

Why did the producers continue with the series and make this film? They ended the story in the last entry. Easy answer is money. Greed has resulted in a pathetic attempt to fool audiences in to paying for another “Friday The 13th” movie.


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