Star Trek III: The Search For Spock ***

The starship Enterprise

The starship Enterprise

“The Search For Spock” is a really mixed bag.  It has elements that I really liked, but it also has a fairly clunky story.  Still it is got enough good things for me to still recommend it.  The plan to follow up the death of Spock came from the strong negative reaction from the fan base to his departure. 

Now if the title did not clue you in, this movie is about the search for Spock.  You see, after his body was sent out in to space, it crashed on the genesis planet.  The result was the resurrection of Spock’s body in child form.   We also learn that his essence was transferred to Dr. Macoy in the previous film, just before he died. 

The story involves Kirk and the crews efforts to steal the enterprise, and trek back to the genesis planet in search of Spock’s body.  Along the way, there is a half assed sub plot involving a Klingon ship that exists simply to include a ship battle near the end of the film.


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