Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter **


“Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter” is the fourth entry in to this horror franchise and picks up right where the third movie left off. It is at this point that I begin to question whether people would logically take a trip to a cabin where there was just a mass murder? I don’t think that they would to be honest. But this movie provides us with some of the dumbest characters in the series yet.

The characters show up right on cue to party, do drugs, drink alcohol and have sex. Jason is presumed dead at the end of the last movie but as you might of guessed, he survived to kill again. He wakes up at the morgue and promptly kills a few of the medical staff before escaping and returning to Crystal Lake.

This is where we meet the Jarvis family. The youngest is Tommy, who becomes the main character of three of these movies. He is played by Corey Feldman in one of his earliest roles.

Next door to the Jarvis’ are a group of teens who have come to the lake for a good time. The weak writing is on full display as every character makes the wrong decision to break off from the pack only to be killed by Jason. At one point a character simply decides she doesn’t want to go the lake after walking half way there. She heads back alone only to be butchered.

The “Friday The 13th” series at this point had stayed long past it’s expiration date. It was either time to let it die or find some way to make it fresh and exciting again. As you probably know Jason finally dies at the end of this film, but he doesn’t stay that way.

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