Never Say Never Again ***


“Never Say Never Again” marks the return of Sean Connery to the role of James Bond. The catch is that this movie was made by a different studio so it is not truly considered part of the real James Bond catalogue. How did this happen you ask? Well it involves a legal battle over the rights to the film “Thunderball”, which were awarded to a different producer.

The film is essentially a remake of “Thunderball”. Most of the characters and story elements are very similar. Obviously the action sequences are more up to date since there was about twenty years between the two movies. There is a great motorcycle chase as well as an underwater battle with sharks.

Obviously Connery is much older now as well and the movie has a lot of fun with his age. Near the beginning of the film Bond is sent to a medical clinic to help get him back in to game shape.

Being a remake of a Bond film this seemed a little unnecessary. Other than the special effects and modern story not much has changed. I will give it props for bringing back Sean Connery and it is entertaining to see another studio attempt a Bond film.


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