Friday The 13th Part III *1/2


“Friday The 13th Part III” makes the fatal mistake of not only repeating what the previous two films did almost exactly but also by doing it stupidly. The characters in this third film are simply moronic. First of all, if there was a mass murder on the news, would you pack up your friends and head to that same area for a weekend getaway? Would the local authorities even allow visitors while the killer is still on the loose?

No matter. I guess when you have two financially successful movies in a row, a third film is a forgone conclusion, no matter how much common sense needs to be ignored. So the characters make their way to a remote cabin in the woods and guess who shows up to slaughter them? Yes, the killer Jason Voorhees, who is still at large, appears and starts murdering teenagers at an alarming rate.

To make matters worse, the filmmakers decided to shoot this in 3D. Much time is wasted and many of my patients were tested by the creators attempts to exploit this gimmick as much as possible. Many moments are thrown in simply to sell the format as well as tickets. Yoyo’s, arrows, wallets and other inanimate objects fly at the screen for no other reason than to make use of the third dimension.

The only think to take away from this dreadful film is that Jason get’s is trademark hockey mask in this movie. This mask becomes a staple in the franchise as well as in pop culture.


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