Blade Runner ***

Harrison Ford in "Blade Runner"

Harrison Ford in “Blade Runner”

Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” was not a smash hit when it was initially released back in 1982.  It has over the years, gathered a very devoted following, and is now considered one of the great science fictions films of all time.  I have never truly warmed up to the movie.  I watched it again recently on bluray and found that it to be the best viewing I have had of it. 

The story involves a race of replicants, who are androids, that have escaped an off world colony, and returned to earth in search of their maker.  Harrison Ford plays Deckard, a Blade Runner.  These are a type of police force whose sole purpose is to track down, and destroy replicants.  I won’t go to deep in to the plot details as this has been on video in some form or another for over twenty years now.

What I will say is that I found Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer’s performances to be very effective.  I liked the first and third act of the movie, but found the middle section to be a tad muddled and slow.  My favourite moment is a beautifully recited monologue by Hauer’s character at the end of the film. 

I think this film is really an acquired taste.  I liked it but I didn’t love it.


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