Friday The 13th Part II ***


Five years after the events of the first “Friday The 13th”, summer camp is open for business. The town has kind of covered up the mass murder that took place at Crystal Lake at the hands of Pamela Voorhees. Now rumours are circulating that her son Jason, who supposedly drowned at Crystal Lake as a child may of survived. When the counsellors return for training, they start being picked off one by one by an unseen assailant.

“Friday The 13th Part 2” finally introduces Jason Voorhees as the main antagonist of this series. He has been apparently living in the woods since he was a little boy, living off of the land I guess. He also witnessed his mother’s beheading at the end of the first movie. Now he is compelled to murder as many camp counsellors he can. If you can get past the glaring plot holes and extreme unlikeness of this setup then you are in for a pretty entertaining horror flick.

The director this time is Steve Miner, who wisely stick’s with the minimalist approach of the original movie. He lets the characters at least talk and interact for a good chunk of the flick before picking them off one by one. I also liked the way he stages some of the confrontations with Jason, including the final act in which we see Mrs. Voorhees one more time.

You can feel this series running out of steam pretty early at this point though. Just how many mass murder’s can take place in one town before people realize that it might not be a nice place to go camping for the summer?


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