The Spy Who Loved Me **


“The Spy Who Loved Me” is the third Bond movie to star Roger Moore and sadly this one is pretty much on par with his last outing.  It is almost as if the creators are determined to make this series as silly as possible.  At one point Bond is driving a car underwater, right up on to a beach packed with sun bathers.  All the while Moore smiles and cheerfully chews up the scenery, hitting on any female in his presence.

This one starts out with a pretty cool action sequence involving henchmen on skis, chasing Bond down a mountain side.  There is lots of gun fire and stunts, ending with Bond jumping off of a cliff and landing via parachute.  At this point I was pretty excited, but my mood slowly fell apart as the movie descended in to silliness. 

One of those silly aspects includes my most hated of Bond villains, Jaws.  He is a giant of a man who has iron teeth and enjoys killing by biting people in sensitive areas.  He also uses those suckers to chew open cars, bite chains in half, and probably to break open wall nuts.  His mere presence derails the whole movie, if it had not derailed itself already.

Roger Moore makes a decent Bond but here he just looks bored.  He seems to phone this movie in.  Maybe he sense how stupid it is and is simply playing out his contact.  Either way, he deserves better material than he has been given so far.


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