Sorcerer ****


“Sorcerer” is a relentless thriller featuring some of the most harrowing and pulse pounding scenes that I have ever seen. Director William Friedkin was known in his early days for some exciting car chases. Here he slows things down but ups the danger.

The story follows a group of criminals who find themselves in a South American town in hiding. They are offered a large sum of money by an Oil company to drive a convoy of trucks across some treacherous terrain. Their cargo is some highly unstable dynamite that could blow at any time.

These men must battle some extreme elements. At one point, in the movies most compelling scene, they cross a disturbingly rickety bridge during a fierce hurricane.

All of the intensity is heightened by a pulse pounding score by Tangerine Dream, who would go on to score many other memorable films from the seventies and eighties.

Movies like this just don’t get made anymore. People want superheroes or secret agents for their thrills. Action sequences are created with computers. “Sorcerer” recalls a time when everything had to be created with practical effects. The results were more real in my opinion.

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