The Man With The Golden Gun **


“The Man With The Golden Gun” is the second James Bond film with Roger Moore in the title role.  After the average “Live And Let Die”, we find the series taking a step down from entertaining to ludicrous.  From the very beginning I knew this film was going to be silly as we have dwarf servants and a circus fun house used to assassinate people. 

Bond finds himself the target of a deadly assassin played by Christopher Lee, who uses a golden gun and golden bullets as his signature weapon.  He plans to misuse solar energy for destructive purposes.  As it turns out he respects Bond and has no intention of killing him until he interferes with his affairs.   But the plot itself is not the real issue here.  It is all the ridiculous things that surround it.

The action scenes are pretty goofy, especially when bond jumps a car across a river.  The car corkscrews and lands perfectly.  The Dukes of Hazzard would be proud.  There is also the inclusion of weird supporting characters, like an American tourist who is cheerfully redneck, and chews up the scenery for way too long. 

I know that the filmmakers are trying to make this more of a fantasy considering a more realistic Bond movie was universally rejected, but i’m afraid that they go too far and jump right in to parody.


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