Live And Let Die ***


“Live And Let Die” is pretty much the only Roger Moore version of 007 that I can stand. It isn’t that I dislike Moore because I actually think he is good in the role of James Bond, it is the movies he starred in that I didn’t care for. During his time the producers fully focused on over the top gadgets, outrageous villains and basically the same plot over and over.

The villain this time is a drug kingpin who uses a tarot card reader to tell his own future and hopefully stay one step ahead of the law. Of course Bond woos her in to his bed.

The action sequences this time are all first rate. They involve a boat chase, voodoo, and crocodiles.

“Live And Let Die” is not a great Bond film but it is a lot of fun. Like I said earlier, the later entries with Moore just went too far overboard for me to enjoy them.


One response to “Live And Let Die ***

  1. I agree it is a lot of fun, it was one of the first Bond movies I remember seeing.

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