Diamonds Are Forever **1/2


What can I say about “Diamonds Are Forever”? It was the last time that Sean Connery would take the role of James Bond until 1983 when he would return in a film produced by a different studio. But “Diamonds” marked the end of an era. Roger Moore would officially take the role for a record seven movies.

“Diamonds” is my least favorite Bond movie with Sean Connery. For me it just went too far away from great story telling with awesome characters and too far in to becoming a parody of itself.

The villains this time are building a satellite mostly made of diamonds which they can turn in to a laser beam. Their plan is to blow up nuclear sites from space and than have an auction for nuclear superiority.

I think at this point I had just about had enough of the same old formula. The producers this time seemed to spend too much money on getting Sean Connery back and not enough on providing him with a great story to inhabit.


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