You Only Live Twice ***


“You Only Live Twice” is the fifth James Bond movie and also the fifth to star Sean Connery in title role. The name of the movie refers to the fact that Bond fakes his own death so that he can go deep under cover to investigate a missing satellite

This entry in the series is most notable because we finally get to meet the man in charge of the evil organization SPECTRE. He is Ernest Blofeld played by Donald Pleasance. Pleasance puts his usual dramatic touch on the role.

This Bond movie starts the trend of involving space in the plot. Future installments involve dangerous weapons in orbit and one even takes Bond himself to the moon. This time an American spacecraft is hijacked by an unknown space craft. The Japanese are suspected when the ship that performed the hijack crash lands in the Sea of Japan.

The usual events follow involving Bond dispatching many assassins using an array of gadgets provided by Q. After watching a few of these movies in a row I started to notice the same plot elements being used over and over. To keep describing them in every review is becoming redundant.

“You Only Live Twice” is definitely worth watching if you are a lover of Bond films. I am starting to think that it is no longer a must see for anybody outside of that circle.


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