Thunderball ***


“Thunderball” finds our hero, James Bond, racing against time to stop SPECTRE from unleashing two stolen atomic bombs. The villain tasked by SPECTRE with using these nukes is Emilio Largo, who is a perfectly efficient bad guy if not forgettable.

After four movies the Bond series was starting to replicate itself. Even though I enjoyed “Thunderball” I did find myself having a serious case of deja vu. All the familiar elements are in place: The two female characters, one evil and one good, the evil villain with plans for world domination, the stunts, fights and chases were there as well as another great performance by Sean Connery.

“Thunderball” is essential viewing for all those who love James Bond but for the average movie goer I don’t think it is fully necessary. It doesn’t really add anything fresh or original but it is fun.


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