From Russia With Love ****


“From Russia With Love” is probably my favorite James Bond movie. I love everything about it. By this time Connery was fully in command of the role as Bond. I think he gives his best performance in the role in this particular movie.

SPECTRE, the evil organization behind the events of most of the original films, want revenge for the death of one of their operatives, Dr. No. Their plan is to steal a lektor cryptographic device from the Soviets and sell it to the British as a cover to get close to Bond.

SPECTRE sends an assortment of characters to contend with Bond but the most fearsome is Red Grant played by Robert Shaw. He is cold, calculating and ruthless. He has a fight sequence with Bond in the passenger compartment of a train that is one of the best battles in the whole series.

“From Russia With Love” has yet to be topped in my eyes. A few have come very close but every time I watch “From Russia With Love” I fall for it all over again. It has everything that makes a great Bond movie as well as a terrific spy thriller.


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  1. Great review, keep up the good reviews.

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