Dr. No ***1/2


“Dr. No’ is about as pure as a James Bond movie can get. It was the first serious Bond movie in fact and the first one in which Sean Connery had the role. In a lot of ways it set some of the trends that are trade marks in the series.

There is the classic megalomaniacal bad guy who dreams of dominating the world. He has the usual expensive looking hide out complete with expendable henchmen.

There are also a few lovely ladies for Bond to hit the sack with. And who can forget the iconic moment when Honey Rider emerges from the sea in her classic bathing suit complete with knife on her hip.

The task for 007 is to find the infamous Dr. No. This brings him to Jamaica where he must navigate his way through a series of deadly showdowns with assassins.

Watching “Dr. No” so many decades after it’s release I was surprised by how absorbing it still is. There is truly a lot of suspense and creativity with the plot and the dialogue. The movie doesn’t just rely on action and visual effects.


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